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Dual - model Cordless Skype and Landline Phone

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  • Brand: Skype
  • Product Code: FES-KP-0206
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Dual-model No PC Required Cordless Skype and Landline Phone, Support Two Skype Account Login, Wireless transmission range: 50M


1.      Skype and ordinary cordless phone

2.      Skype accounts supported on multiple handsets

3.      Colour display with graphical user interface

4.      HD-audio

5.      Full duplex speakerphone

6.      Headset jack (3.5mm)

7.      New message light indicator on handset (Skype Voice Mail, Missed Call)

8.      DECT air-interface using authentication and encryption

9.      Easy to install, easy to use

10.   No PC required

11.   Frequency/Coverage

a.      Frequency bands supported: EU/AU/NZ, US/CA, TW, LA TAM

b.     Outdoor range: 300 meters

c.      Indoor range: 50 meters

12.   Battery life time

a.      Talk time: >10hours

b.     Standby time: >1 OOhours

c.      Rechargeable AAA Ni-MH batteries

13.   Function

a.      Skype-to-Skype calling

b.     Skype Out support (Calling to ordinary telephone numbers)

c.      Skype Online number support (enables reception of calls from all other telephones)

d.     View, search and call Skype contact list

e.      Skype Call Forwarding

f.       Skype TM conference call (invited party)

g.      Skype Call Waiting

h.     Caller Identity with Skype name and picture of calling party

i.       Notification of missed calls, new voicemail

j.       Set your Skype presence status (Offline, Away, Do Not Disturb etc.)

k.      View the status of your Skyperu contacts on handset display

l.       View Call Hrstory of SkypeTI4 and ordinary calls (30 entries)

m.    Contact list (Telephone book), 200 entries

n.     Create a new Skype account

o.     Manual and automatic sign-in to Skype account

p.     Update notification when new Skype and DUALphone software is available

q.     View SkypeTM credits

r.       Skype profile editing

14.   Interface

                                                              i.     WAN (Ethernet -10/100 Base-T, RJ-45)

                                                             ii.     PSTN (RJ-11)

                                                            iii.     AC adaptor jack

15.   Accessories

                                                              i.     A cordless DUALphone handset

                                                             ii.     A DUALphone wireless transmitter base

                                                            iii.     A base power plug

                                                           iv.     A network cable

                                                             v.     A telephone line

                                                           vi.     An installation manual

                                                          vii.     2 lithium batteries

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