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Portable Selfie Stick Monopod Extendable Handheld Holder, Max Length: 101.4cm (Black)

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  • Brand: Monopod
  • Product Code: FES-IP6G-0394B
  • Availability: In Stock


About the product:


1.      Holder can be fixed on most of tripod mount and be adjusted to different size

2.      Work with many kinds of smart phone, camera etc.

3.      Take the perfect individual or group picture to capture every happy moment

4.      A button for photo shooting and video recording

5.      The head plate with rotating function for different shooting angle

6.      Plug and play, charge free with 3.5mm audio plug

7.      Compatible with Android OS and iOS operating system






Universal Holder Size:



Folding Length:



Max Length:


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